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Released July 6, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: RBN Re-Record (2010)
Author: TheAuthority

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non_zero - "This is a different version of the song than you're probably..." -- Read more
Dog - "God damn this shit sucks...." -- Read more
Down from the RBN heavens, descended a must buy song! Person-Man
Ohhh The Ultimate Showdown... This song brings back memories of internets past (Albinoblacksheep any one?).

When I first sang this version of the song I was taken back a bit. Not because it was bad, just because of how different it actually was. For any one who is a fan of the original version and has not herd this new one be prepared to actually change pitch.

The beginning of the song is a very low monotone section that actually goes into the hole song (Not on the chorus). For me it took me a moment to find my barring with that pitch but once i did it was smooth sailing.

Another thing that was changed was that the section about Chuck Norris is actually a singing part, not a talky.

Lastly the ending of the song. It kind of drags on repeating the chorus about 20 times, but the tempo slowly rises as it dose and so dose pitch.

All in all GREAT SONG! Its fun to play, silly, and just great.
I give this song a 9/10 for biased reasons >.>.... And because its a fun song and a must buy for any one who was on the internet from the year 1999 to 2004 :)
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