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Released November 18, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Continuum (2006)
Author: ThatAuthoringGroup

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The Way It Ends (Guitar Hero 3)
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RBAddict666 - "Holy crap! I didn't realise this was on RBN. Too bad I'm on ..." -- Read more
100% Less Flying Penises, 100% More Flying Sticks PuppetMasterIX
A lot of you may remember this song from Guitar Hero III, so it's likely that quite a bit might have picked it up already by impulse. Though the appeal of playing Guitar without three-note chords appearing as relentlessly as the wildebeests from The Lion King sounds enticing on its own, it should not be only incentive. The strongest reason by far to pick this song up is for the Drums.

After an intro with [potential] crossovers of various cymbals, you're thrust into the main beat, which - while not unique - is definitely interesting enough to keep your attention, complimented by crossover fills at specific intervals.

The choruses begin with a pattern similar to the fills in "Hammerhead", before moving on to the moderately fast bass in the actual choruses. The latter parts are fairly basic, though they tend to end off with fun fills.

The bridge is the weakest part of the chart, as it's slow-paced and rather dull; but thankfully, it doesn't last very long. When the first guitar solo kicks in, more varied - albeit contemporary - beats come in, with fun little snare-tom fills interspersed in them for good measure.

In between the guitar solos, you get a drum solo. This consists of fills that have appeared throughout the song, but adds up to quite an exhilarating section without being overly difficult.

After the second guitar solo (which is essentially the main beat), the last chorus pops up, this time without the ride prelude.

Once this chorus ends, we're treated with a very appropriate justification for the name of the song, as a very complex fill ends the last chorus and is followed up by a group of roll lanes (don't worry; they aren't cymbal swells).

Overall, it's a fairly diverse chart with quite a lot of interesting fills and a decent amount of variation. It's a concrete example of a song that is challenging enough to satisfy the experts while also being accessible enough for the more casual. Definitely recommended.
11.18.11 7:46am 0 Replies | Reply +7 Relevance
Better than GH3. By a ton. Gigakoops
Look, I'll say it straight out: This song was not that great on GH3. The 3-note chord penises ruined the experience, along with the bad tempo mapping and obvious overcharting. So with those gone, this song is put into full potential. And my god, it's fun!

Sure, it's still the strum fest that you remember from GH3, but with much better patterns. As I said earlier, the constant 3-note chords are gone, so this song is instantly easier to play. Also, the solos are a lot more polished than in GH3. There's no overcharting or forced difficulty. And it's the kind of difficult I enjoy playing.

So yeah, this song is a lot better on RB3 than GH3.
11.23.11 4:49am 2 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Excellent guitar song zyyzyyzyy
Guitar Hero 3 charts tend to be easier compared to Rock Band 3 charts, however this is not the case for a few songs, and this is one of them. GH3's obsession with 3-note chords was a big problem when playing this song, but Rock Band 3's chart uses much easier-to-work-with 2-note chords that are much easier to hit and more fun.

The guitar solos are a little bit hard but certainly not anything a good guitar player looking for hard RBN songs can't handle. I'm not going to give it a perfect grade because they'res still a lot of fast strumming and not every Rock Band guitar player will enjoy that, but it's still a great buy.

Grade: A
Rate: 5/5
Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
05.29.17 6:05pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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