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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Punk
Album: Five Lessons Learned (1998)

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This is the Life Karmeleaux
Man, I don't think I've described a bass as bouncy in a while. But it's appropriate as hell here.

The verse is a crazy fun scale that moves around the fretboard in an interesting pattern, and to make it better it has single note HO/POs dashed in there for seasoning throughout. Two of them are part of the main rhythm, another usually is, then there's a few extra ones in there randomly just to keep you on your eyes.

The verse has focus on the strum pattern with some sustains and double-strums thrown in now, but also has a short hammer-on chain and single note hammer-ons in there, and moves around the fretboard well. The second chorus differentiates the strum pattern even further, which is interesting. The chorus ends with a slow scale up the fretboard before going back into the verse or the bridge.

Speaking, finally, the bridge. Probably the weakest part of the song, it's the most strum-focused part, with it otherwise moving around the fretboard fairly predictably. But the strums are fun, and it has single HO/POs into the next fret to keep it a bit more fun, so overall this is pretty enjoyable the two times it comes up.

The verse is to kill for, the chorus is noticeably fun, and the bridge is not bad at all. You should play this at least once if you play bass.

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