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Released April 15, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: The Onslaught (2009)
Author: RhythmAuthors

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Don't listen to the title of this have a lot to f Caleb
This is a review for both Guitar and Bass, so this is why it is going in the discussions section.

Okay, the guitar chart for this is no joke. Thou shall not fear is probably one of the toughest RBN charts I have played. it starts with a gallop chord chord pattern, and then soon goes into the solo. The first solo is pretty cool, with some trill lanes that really work for the song, some quick snakes and then the solo is done.

Now comes the madness. Intense strumming, not as fast as Dragonforce strumming, but still insane enough to make it hard to combo. You do the same pattern three times, and then the chorus riff comes in. It's filled with alt-strum chords and chord hopos. Repeat this a few times and then you move on to the bridge....holy cow this is the hard part. It doesn't look hard, but don't let that fool you. Fast alt strums combined with some forced strumming scales, all thrown at you in a super fast way, makes it insanely hard to combo, and really throws you off the first time, in fact it continues to throw me off. Then one more solo with some fast hammer ons and strumming, and you play the intro riff one more time, and the song ends.

The solos are super easy compared to the song's bridge. Bass is pretty much the same as the guitar chart, minus solos and the fast strumming during the first verse. But the bridge is still there, and it is still as insane if not harder than the guitar version.

I recommend this song for shredders with enough endurance and the balls to take it on. While not the hardest chart in the world, it is a very very tough song that is never boring. A good dose of thrash metal for you. Musically, I am not a huge fan. The instruments are very Slayer-esque and the vocals are like Evile, two bands which I don't care for. But it's fun to play when you are in the right mood, and it is only a dollar.
07.14.11 8:22pm 3 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Caleb - It looks easy, but it'll wipe you out. ;]
But in my case, I suck at strumming so it was very hard.
07.15.11 12:29 am
Dead Player - Well, it is only a dollar... I might consider it, even if I must say from the preview that I watched it looked pretty easy and rather akward. Reply
07.14.11 11:04 pm
Caleb - I give it four stars for both BTW. Reply
07.14.11 8:28 pm
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