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Released March 9, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: The Sad Thing Is, We Like It Here (2008)

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A Great Example of Variating Rhythms Well Karmeleaux
But it does a great job hiding it. You open with what I'm callling the intro riff I guess even though it's used later during lyrics so I don't really know what it is musically. But I'll tell you what the bass chart is: Great. It's got some great movement in there, and it's gone quick. Don't worry, we'll be seeing more of it.

As you enter the first verse, bass goes on the backburner, with a lot of dead space and sustains, although there are a few single notes in there. Intro riff, then for the next verse bass gains a good deal of meat, adding more notes and movement.

The chorus is straight forths for a bit with some slight variation at the end of each forth repetition, but then it scales back to green before moving up the fretboard, hitting two frets higher while it moves up (except just one fret higher when on blue, obviously). And once again, the intro rhythm (although from this point it's a variation)!

The next verse gains a slight variation in it, but unlike the different between the first two it's not really notable. Another chorus and intro riff, then a pause of the guitar break. A new rhythm which might be another heavy alteration of the verse shows up afterwards, and vanishes just as quickly as it came with a triple chord. Then it's no bass for a vocal break, another chorus and another intro riff with variations.

It's great fun (and sounding) to me, but its got some common bass flaws in the shape of a fair bit of dead space and using that intro riff a lot. Neither one of those take away from the song for me, but I can recognize it grating someone else. Still, for only a dollar, I'd recommend looking into it.

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