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Released October 22, 2009 for Rock Band
Queen 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: A Day At The Races (1976)

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Repetitive Shuffle With Some Fun in There Karmeleaux
Something interesting to note is the verse rhythm isn't just a shuffle slowly moving around the fretboard.

However, it's still repetitive, and if anything more grating in the long term (although it certainly is more fun at first). Instead of playing something like GG GG, you play GygGG. And that's your verse rhythm, with an orange sustain every forth time.

As you can imagine, this definitely gets repetitive. This is hardly relieved by the chorus, which at is its base a simple shuffle around the fretboard. However, it OCCASIONALLY (somewhat randomly, it seems), moves around the fretboard at a much faster speed, turning every other note into a HO/PO which is great fun to play.

That kind of movement comes up three times, and it's long enough every time to make the chart decent to fans, but there's definitely not enough to pull in people unfamiliar with the song.

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