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Released August 21, 2012 for Rock Band
The Black Keys 02
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Genre: Rock
Album: Brothers (2010)

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We Not Only Sing, We Dance Just as Good As We Want Dr Sardonicus
Seeing as how I'm a pretty big fan of the Black Keys, outside of Howlin' for You, I thought this would be as good a chart as I Got Mine or Lonely Boy. Is it? Not really.

Opening with a bass rhythm, We go into the primary riff, four chords spaced out, followed by a riff that uses the entire fretboard. For the most part this is the song, with the boring main riff, and two different fills that manage to be pretty fun.

These two patterns go on for about two minutes, but it's mostly the main riff, which is kind of disappointing. At the end, however, after a small drum breakdown, you go into a different riff consisting of YO and RB, followed by GR going into GY. This is followed by a talk-box sounding ending riff, which goes until the song ends.

Overall, the song itself is fantastic, but the guitar chart is lacking. The guitar fills and the ending are fun, but the main riff really takes away from the chart. If you like the song, or if you're a drummer, I would recommend it, but for guitar, you can do better.
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