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Released February 26, 2009 for Rock Band
Alt. Country 01
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Genre: Country
Album: Alive & Wired (2005)

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Fun Country Bass, But Never Quite Excels Karmeleaux
Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite basses to revisit, but looking it objectively I can see it being an unappealing chart to some people.

The song is built around the whole bouncing between two notes that many countrified basses are built around. It throws in some short scales in there, and there's the rare bass chord in select places.

While it's undeniably a fun premise, there's no section that really stands out. It's also all repeated (even the scales), which is fine, especially on bass, but it doesn't make it five-star. As the end approaches, some quick hammer-ons are occasionally thrown in, but while they force you to pay more attention, they hardly any more fun to the section.

Still, it's also of a decent speed to keep you engaged and an enjoyable upstrum, so it's worth looking it up, at least.

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