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Released October 16, 2008 for Rock Band
Dr. Feelgood
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Genre: Metal
Album: Dr. Feelgood (1989)

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Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of Hair Metal. It fun, but most of it is the same crap over and over again. This is by all means a great Hair Metal Anthem, however. Its pretty spectacular.

The main parts of the song, the intro, the main riff, the chorus, they are all pretty damn simple for even the most inexperienced Expert players. That doesnt mean they arent any fun though. Recently, on some of the more simple songs, I really like to get into it, and just go crazy with arm motions, headbanging and other crazy guitar moves. This is the perfect song for this.

The song really gets great when the solos hit. The first one is pretty straight forward and simple, you will probably miss the end though. The song keeps going for a little bit, they throw in some crazy HOsPOs... its pretty great, the Anthem keeps going, and then the song closes on the incredible second solo. Its not too hard, it wont make most Expert players fail (there are parts that could get the inexperienced flustered, but nothing more than that), but it keeps you on your toes. Its incredibly fun, and its a great way to close out your Rock Band setlist, when your hands start to burn from the insane fretwork you have been doing.

All-in-All, its worth every penny of the two dollars for expert guitarists. I know that I'm telling all of my friends to pick up this song, because its incredibly fun, and I want to play it as much as possible. You should pick it up, then encourage all your friends to do the same.

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