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Released December 23, 2008 for Rock Band
Foo Fighters 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: One by One (2002)

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Somewhat repetitive but hard to master. Verses are mostly a red/yellow pattern with interesting rolls. There's a very tricky pattern that repeats throughout the song and can easily break your combo.

Like many other Foo Fighters songs (My Hero, for example), the difficulty is only medium and there is consistent bass pedal throughout. The chorus switches from mostly yellow to green and mixes in the other pads in a Don't Stop Believing fasion.

If you're easily tired by lots of bass, this may not be the song for you. If you like the challenge of a solid rhythm with some tricky parts and are a fan of the band, then this song can be a great treat. It's a solid addition to your collection if you like Foo Fighters.
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