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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: n/a (2000)

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Why Don't We Have Any Reach for the Skylar Karmeleaux
Ah, a simpler time where Viacom didn't resent Rock Band.

The verses alternates between an empty bar and two short scales up the fretboard, the first scale ending with a single green pull-off with the second having one hammer-on blue and orange before pulling off to green.

The choruses are straight eighths mostly, though each time it switches frets it does so with a hammer-on and momentary pause which keeps it fresh. The fourth repetition also has a small fill.

Finally, the bridge is mostly focused on bass chords. This is refreshing but not really noteworthy outside of its concept.

There's also a few sustains before the BRE, but they're barely worth mentioning so I barely invested in mentioning them.

It comes out to an interesting chart overall, but not really remarkable enough to pull in people unfamiliar with it. But being a novelty song, most people who are interested in it wouldn't even care about the chart to begin with so I guess moot point.

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