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Released August 16, 2011 for Rock Band
Fall Out Boy 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Infinity on High (2007)

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Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Is Right Up There With Sugar! Xtreme Nights
One of the most well known Fall Out Boy songs is finally here! After coming from Guitar Hero and it's strict engine, "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" comes back as fun and not frustrating. It has a great and fun chart that anyone would be able to enjoy. What makes this song so fun? This review will explain all(hopefully) questions about the song.

Starting out with a building up tension with the instruments, you are started off with a low talking pitch, which is quite fun to do. As the start continues to progress, the pitch starts going higher until hit around a middle pitch. It stays at that pitch for a while. You are then after about 30 seconds thrown into the chorus. It's quite easy to hit. When the vocalist says "Memories" it goes to a middle pitch, which can sort of be hard if you don't know how to hit it.

You are now lead into the second verse of the song. This is where the vocals get a bit tricky, and you can mess up if you are not decent at them. The pitch doesn't totally keep going up and down, but the held notes keep leading the vocalist up and down quite a bit.

This leads into the Breakdown Chorus and the last and third chorus. Things are changed up a little here though. Instead of a complete same chorus as the other two, the main vocalist will from middle to pitch to either high or low randomly. The problem here is that the back up vocalists can mess you up, as the main vocalist sings a bit lower, so it's a little hard to here. You start to sing some different lyrics in this chorus as you sing from middle pitch to rising pitches for the most part.

This song is a good song for any vocalist and is strongly recommended to those who like to sing and have fun songs to sing. There is only around a 5-10 second break for the vocalist in the middle of the song. It's fun to dance and get into the mood while singing this song. It's a one that can be tricky to the novices who don't sing much, but vocalists who are used to semi-hard to hard songs will enjoy this song. I would give this song 5 Gold stars, but due to the middle section of the song where you can barely hear the main vocalist, this song only ends up with a 5 star.

PS: Comments on this review would be helpful and welcome. :)
08.16.11 11:04am 3 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Pretty standard, but high energy fun. Bront
The guitar part is probably what most would expect. Lots of strumming singles and chords. You get some movement, and some variety in different parts of the song, but that's about it. It doesn't sound exciting, and if you dislike charts like this, you might not enjoy it, but I find them fun on occasion, and this one certainly wasn't dull. It's probably closer to a tier 3 (2 dot) chart than a tier 4 (3 dot) in terms of difficulty though.

The song is pretty high energy though, which helps make it more fun, and the song isn't very long, so it doesn't get boringly repetitive. The harmonies look awesome, so this could be good for Voxtarists. It's popular and known, so should be fun at parties. I'd recommend it for some light hearted fun.
08.18.11 5:56am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
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