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Released September 25, 2008 for Rock Band
Moving Pictures
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Genre: Prog
Album: Moving Pictures (1981)

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Mostly Excellent Bass...When It's There Karmeleaux
I really want to give this five stars because what you play is amazing.

It follows the standard Geddy Lee format of 'If I'm not singing, I'm rocking the bass.' The areas with no vocals are simply spectactular to play.

But there are some vocals sections focused on sustains, and more importantly there's two breaks which probably come to a total of over a minute of playing nothing.

What is there involves great movement involving a good amount of HO/PO scales, including an excellent rhythm in 7/8, I believe.

But as usual, there's something holding it back from being universal, this case most notably being dead space. And so I give my usual recommendation: If you can stand that, you'll have a blast. Otherwise, you probably want to stay away.

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Not too difficult, but still incredibly fun Madotsuki
This song is pretty diverse, and although its not the craziest Rush guitar chart ever, its a hell of alot of fun and its definitely entertaining enough to deserve a 5/5 for its guitar chart.
Theres some chords in several parts of the song, such as when the guitar first comes in with a few single-notes then chords repeatedly, and sections with 3-note chords as well.
Other parts of the song have HO/POs that smoothly move across the fretboard in repeated patterns, which is alot of fun.
The guitar takes a break at one point as a synth takes the lead, then the guitar comes in with single-notes and then mimics the synth with a nice, cool riff that is composed of single-notes and HO/POs.
The solo is plenty of fun, it seems very smooth and really isn't too hard, and its pretty short.
Overall, this song has plenty of movement and sections with HO/POs, along with easier chord parts to keep things balanced, and even though this song is easy, it has a very fun guitar chart that is quite entertaining.
Recommended for guitarists, unless your looking for more of a challenge.
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Again, feels more fun than the RB1 version. I always found the RB1 version awkward at several parts but this one wasn't. The ho/pos in the main section are now chords and overall there are more (and more conveniently placed) ho/pos. Solo is a about the same, it seems like the zig-zag is easier to hit. Definitely worth getting.

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Better, and a little easier, than the RB1 version. No more double-bass hits in the last drum-solo-ish section of the song.

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One of the best songs ever! brunohoo
Rush's most famous song "Tom Sawyer" is very well represented in this game.

The drums are very well represented too - although you cannot represent equally a Neil Peart (unique) kit - with the fast combined notes on cymbals.

For drums and Rush fans (just like I am), this is a essential music for your song pack.
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