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Released February 11, 2010 for Rock Band
Rust In Peace
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Genre: Metal
Album: Rust in Peace (1990)

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Another gem in the pack zyyzyyzyy
The Rust in Peace pack has so many high quality drum songs, and this is no exception. In fact, this song is a lot like Lucretia, except faster and a bit harder (go check out my review on Lucretia and you'll see what I mean).

It has a lot of variation throughout the song with some nice drum beats that can get pretty complex at times, but at the same time fun. The fills are pretty nice, though the one right after the second chorus and the one in the outro are very difficult to hit, which has made this song a pretty hard FC. The bridge can get a bit repetitive, but it's only a minute long and the well-known guitar solo is nice to listen to during the bridge. After the guitar solo, though, you get to a pattern that looks like "The Metal" that's so much fun to play, though unfortunately it doesn't last long. After that, you get some moderately-paced thrash beats that could throw an unprepared player off guard but can be entertaining to a good player since it doesn't go on for that long. Then, they're so the outro, which isn't too hard (save for the final fill).

This is a great drum song that I higly recommend, just like many other songs in the pack. It's super fun, and it's not that hard (though it is harder than Lucretia)

Grade: A
Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️
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