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Released February 11, 2011 for Rock Band
February Heartache Duets
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Faster Than the Speed of Night (1983)

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Easy chart, but Overdrive activations on the other hand... AeonFrodo
So, the bass chart of this song isn't too difficult to pass. But due to the length of the song (6:33) you're wondering when this song is going to end, considering that there's a lot of long notes to squeeze points out of.

This song gives you Overdrive like crazy, especially early in the song. So you're kind of forced to activate it before you ideally reach Bass Groove (6x multiplier) if you ever want to post a competitive score. By the time you reach that multiplier, you're in the chorus of the song, and you would've had at least 3 chances to activate overdrive before then (1 1/2 bars of Overdrive filled up). So, in a sense a playability, if you're aiming for a high score, you're going to play this song a few times to get the first (and probably second) activations right. Not to mention the lengthy second verse where it's difficult to predict when the chorus would come up again (unless you've memorized the song).

All in all, this song sounds fantastic, and if you're aiming for a high score, you'll be playing this song a few times. So it's pretty fun to experiment with Overdrive activations, but the bass chart is pretty easy in itself.
03.04.11 12:54pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Vocalist Review Xtreme Nights
Total Eclipse of the Heart? In Rock Band? Yes PLEASE! This song is definitely a vocalist a song, and it doesn't disappoint. Coming in as my second favorite song to sing in the pack, this song does not get boring for vocalists. It is a great slow song to sing, and is and always will be a classic. This song is pretty easy as far as vocals go, and the pitch doesn't really change much either. But despite it being easy, it is very easily enjoyable to sing. The harmonies are also a blast to play, I also played the Harmonies with my Grandma(Check Paradise By the Dashboard Light Review), and it was a blast.

All in all, a great vocalist song, that you should pick up no matter if it is only for singing or if you just want it to listen to it. This song does not let a vocalist down, and all vocalists should pick up this masterpiece of a song. This song gets 5 Gold Stars from me.
03.08.11 7:51pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
PRO KEYS: Not bad, not bad at all. Appropriate difficulty for its tier. It's got a lot of steady chords that's good for adjusting to different notes on the fly. It's a lengthy song with plenty of time to rack up points. Good for advance keyboardists.
02.18.11 6:35pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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