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Released August 7, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Toxicity (2002)

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Nothing Terribly Noteworthy Karmeleaux
This song takes a bit for bass to come in, but when you do you do this pretty fun BybG scale and it set my hopes kinda high.

But it's just average. The scale is used many times in a row as part of the chorus rhythm so it grows old by the end of the song, and the other part of the chorus rhythm is just double strum with short breaks on various frets.

The verse rhythm mimics guitar on a 'back and forth' rhythm on green/yellow and red/blue, but it never varies like guitar does (although I think it's 6/4(?) so it doesn't get old as quickly to me due to that).

The bridge rhythm is doublestrumming on green with a blue hammer-on now and then, and the outro is rooted on green ending with a similar scale from the chorus.

It never really pulls me in or makes me think 'I'm having a good time.' Fans will probably enjoy it, but I feel there's nothing to draw people unfamiliar with the song in.

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Another tricky System song Rimex
It isn't hard on vocals either, but it isn't necessarily easy. I think it was under-tierred for vocals a little bit, like Shackler's Revenge was. But it's still a fun song and is often used as a warm up for me.
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My requirements in a vocal song aren't that extensive. It just has to be fun to sing and it has to be mapped correctly.

That's being said, this song is immensely fun to sing and there are no charting problems with it. So the fun factor gives it 5 stars.

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I thought this was a really good chart. It goes back and forth before the chorus like you'd expect it to, and then it explodes with a cool alt-strumming riff mixed with a HO/PO riff.

Seriously, if you enjoy alt-strumming even remotely this will be very easy to get into. It's very energetic and never boring.

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Fun! Rimex
To put it simply, this song's fun on guitar. While it is easy to people like me and some others, it's still overall a fun song to play and I never get tired of playing it. If you're a guitarist, even if you don't know System of a Down, I recommend buying it.
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These drums are so refreshing. Buncha stick alternating, a lot of fun rolls, and a really cool mosh sections toward the end. Truly a unique experience.

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It's pretty much the guitar minus chords, but I don't think it suffers very much from that fact.

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