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Released May 4, 2010 for Rock Band
Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Tragic Kingdom (1995)

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Excellent Bass, But A Bit Repetitive in the End Karmeleaux
Like most No Doubt bass parts, this one sits distinctly above average. Most other No Doubt basslines are a bit too predictable to earn five stars, but I say this pushes far enough to earn it.

The verses have a fun repeating scale in them, and the prechoruses have slow scales around the fretboard with the occasional triplet feel thrown in. What pushes it into five star territory is the bridge, which scales across the fretboard in a new manner (and contains the only HO/POs in the song), and the chorus, where one does a sort of anchoring deal, such as R Y R O R B, which is good fun.

It does have a caveat, however, in the outro. It's repetitions of the chorus, which starts to wear down, and although I love speed up songs, it makes the part become old all the quicker. When it switches, it's to a slow doublestrum on single frets. It's a pretty unsatisfying finish to overall universally enjoyable song. But it's short enough to where it shouldn't detract from the rest of the song, so I say pick it up.

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Drum/Vox Chavez669
I put this review under drums as that's my main instrument. But I'd like to quickly add that the guitar part is really fun to play (be sure to save overdrive for the solo unless your a solid plat).

For the drums, this is one of my favorite songs in all of RB to play. It's has several very different beats which complement each other very well. Nothing is super difficult where any normal expert player should have trouble. There are a couple of medium speed rolls that don't get too complicated. The only section that truly warrents the difficulty rating is the ending, but overdrives are abundant for new experts and normal experts shouldn't have any trouble. In short, I highly recommend this song for drummers.

I'm not a vox, but my vox player absolutely loves singing this song as well. She also loves singing Gwen in general and is an elite plat, so I have no idea if it's hard to sing. She usually get's 99/100 on it just like every other song so take that for what it's worth on difficulty.
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