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Released March 29, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Inhuman Rampage (2006)

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Satch Boogie has Met his Bane Dead Player
We all know this song. Infact, if you need an introduction, you have probably lived under a rock without rythm video games for the last 4 years.

And wouldn't you know it, it is just as awesome (to play that is) as ever, but now even harder.

The song is a 7 minute epic that goes from one pattern to the other and rarley stays at the same riff for more than 30 seconds at a time. The infamous "anchored green to all other buttons" intro is still here though, so beware and get some good practice (or No Fail) before even atempting this madness.

The song also got 5 guitar solo's filled with everything from slower strummed melodies to insane tripplets, trills, snakes and swipes, riffs that goes from blistering fast alt-strums to slower and more rythmic riffs, aswell as having alot of random guitar fills scattered all around to keep things interesting. For it is not a single dull moment here, that is for sure!

Are you up for a extreme challenge that is also alot of fun when you finaly get it down? Or do you wan't to torture your friend's hands? Then this is the song you should choose. But just because you passed Satch Boogie, it doesn't mean you will pass this.
03.29.11 7:29pm 6 Replies | Reply +6 Relevance
Dead Player - I am not surprised, I have no idea how you are even suposed to read that outro on Pro :P Reply
05.13.11 8:58 am
Jocopocomaioco - I played it with my squier, epic!

Epic fail :)
05.13.11 8:54 am
Dead Player - I can't tap with two hands either, but I somehow managed to get trough it after 5 tries. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Be sure to strum every 8th note if you can't do it perfectly.
04.03.11 5:57 pm
JiggyJay - Based on the fact that I can't use two hands to handle the frets, I think I'm doomed from the start. Literally. Reply
04.03.11 5:21 pm
Dead Player - Hehe that is one way to look at it yes :P

I never though I would pass it either, but all that practice in GH3 payed off at last.
04.03.11 9:10 am
JiggyJay - IF you get it down. Reply
04.03.11 7:20 am
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