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Released March 29, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Inhuman Rampage (2006)

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My foot hates me JiggyJay
This song is eight minutes of continual punishment for the drummer. For at least 5 of the eight minutes, you will play the same pattern. It is a fast, metal beat (cymbal+pedal cymbal-snare, cymbal+pedal pedal cymbal+snare) that is quite challenging to hit since it is so fast. The only break a player will get from this irritating pattern is a VERY fast drum roll that lasts 3 seconds. As for the other three minutes, you are hitting your crash cymbals every few seconds during the breaks in the song. If you are a drummer, I really can't recommend it. It is long, hard, tiring, and lacks variety. However, I'm just talking to the people who don't have ankles made of steel. For those of you who loved playing Blackened or any Anthrax song, you'll probably think a 4 or 5 would be a more accurate review.

Normal People: DON'T BUY THIS
Insane People: Consider it a new challenge. Buy it.
04.03.11 5:23am 3 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Caleb - Next time, try to keep the review consistent to the rating you gave it. ;) Reply
04.04.11 10:15 am
JiggyJay - Yeah, but there are devil tiered Jimi Hendrix songs are that a lot of fun to play ie If 6 was 9. I can't give it three stars because I did not have any fun playing this...I put in two stars though. I thought that was good enough, since it isn't the worst, but it still wasn't good.

PS: I put in two stars. I don't know why it says one.
04.03.11 10:12 pm
Dead Player - If it is a love/hate afair, 3 stars would have been more accurate though. Also, it IS Devil tiered and it do have some pretty cool fills here and there, even though it is mostly the main beat yes. Reply
04.03.11 8:30 pm
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