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Released March 29, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Inhuman Rampage (2006)

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Through the Fire and Flames (Guitar Hero 3)
Through the Fire and Flames (Guitar Hero)
Discussions (2) >> Discussion by Dog
I like how you added devil heads for guitar and drums but not for keys.
03.26.11 4:44am 9 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Dog - My favorite one was the genre listing being labeled as "Orgasm" Reply
03.29.11 11:09 am
Dead Player - What the... Some other staff on the site is obviously having alot of fun here... Reply
03.29.11 7:05 am
Xtreme Nights - Why is the album cover on this wrong? Reply
03.29.11 5:01 am
Dead Player - Hmm interesting...

But since they always overtier bass (unless it is a really hard one that deserves it *cough*jerry was a racecar driver*cough*), I would rather say a tier 6 for bass and tier 3/4 for vocals myself. Time will tell.
03.26.11 9:26 pm
Dog - There's a preview vid on where they upped the volume of the keys in the mix and it's intense.

My prediction (0-6 Scale)
Guitar: 6
Bass: 4
Drums: 6
Vocals: 5
Keys: 6
03.26.11 7:00 pm
RBAddict666 - Ah, right. Good idea. :) Reply
03.26.11 11:52 am
Dead Player - I simply added them to the database early so it would be quicker to add all the info about the songs on release, rather than having to do both on that day. Reply
03.26.11 11:24 am
Dead Player - I just knew that GTR and Drums would be devil from the GH charts. Since keys never have been charted for this, I didn't want to say it was devil before we actually got that confirmed. Reply
03.26.11 11:21 am
RBAddict666 - Uhhh... how the hell are these songs on here already? Reply
03.26.11 10:12 am
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