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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: New Clear Days (1980)

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Regular keys: boring, even if you're a fan Marwood87
I was excited to see that Harmonix had added another GH80s song to the RB catalog and I was eager to try this on keys. I overlooked it's low tier rating because I thought it would be a blast to play along with; it is a very catchy song. Maybe I should have took the tier rating more seriously because I felt rather disappointed after playing this on keys.

Likes: you just might, MIGHT, find this fun to play along with if you're a die hard fan of the song or The Vapors

Dislikes: numerous gaps between key parts, little to no variety creating no incentive for replays

This is NOT a song to buy for a challenge or if you're looking for a diverse key chart. Because of it's lack of diversity, there was no incentive to play this again. It felt like one of those songs you play once just to add to your "FC list". But then again, what do you expect from a second tier song?
This is probably a great party song and I'm assuming the others instruments are probably a lot more fun but for all you keyboardists who like playing solo: skip this one.
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Just stunning m2cks
Oh, man. I have way too many things that I want to say about this song. Let me get this out of the way: like it or not, this song may have one of the greatest lyrics ever in music history: "I want a doctor to take your picture / So I can look at you from inside as well." It really does not get as good/creepy as that, folks.

Now on to the actual chart of the song. There was a lot of talk about this song being rated "devil tier" on vocals when it was first announced, and I can see someone making a good argument for that. As far as most DLC goes, it certainly is tougher than the majority, and is really much harder than at first glance, especially for the "Vocals Purists" like me who absolutely MUST sing the lyrics along with the chart. The tier drops a few bars if one would simply hum through the entire song, but I cringe at the thought, for then all of the fun of the song would be sucked right out of it.

Now obviously, what makes one think "devil tier" when looking at the chart would have to be the fast-paced lyrics and bouncing melody. The lyrics are indeed hard to keep up with at first try, but when one hits the second verse/chorus, they would discover that the song merely repeats, which makes it much easier. Now that you know the lyrics and do not have to focus attention to the scrolling lyrics bar, then you can see for yourself how easy it is to fill the vocals "pie". See, this is one of many songs that have short notes in the phrases, which mean that they are worth less of the aforementioned "pie". While the verses are just composed of these fast notes, the chorus ends with a longer note at each phrase, which fills up the majority of the "pie". So, essentially, if one completely messes up the "I think I'm turning Japanese..." part, if they successfully land on the long note "I really think so" they have little to worry about. I like to nickname these notes as "insurance notes".

The chorus itself is where the song draws most attention to, and this is where many vocalists (myself included) would get lost. The insurance notes, in particular, is very low in range, and I cannot hit it without pitchshifting the entire chorus up an octave. Here is a trick to overcome this obstacle comfortably (although I frown upon it): the note before it ("I really think so") is the same exact note as the insurance note but an octave higher, so what the vocalist has to do is simply hold that note and he/she will hit the phrase successfully. I used this technique to acquire my FC of the song, but like I said before, I frown upon it because it kind of ruins the original singer's true intent for the vocals' sound, but that is just my personal opinion. Anyway, it is a helpful trick for anyone stuck on the chorus, and it helps significantly on the ending phrase " I really think so, think so think so..." in which the singer jumps from low to high rapidly.

All in all, the song is extremely fun to sing without worrying too much on sounding particularly accurate, on account of that insurance note I mentioned before. It is well-recognized, catchy, and is fun on (almost) every instrument as well, so I would reccommend it for those who are planning Rock Band parties. I unfortunately could not play harmonies, but from what I could see it wasn't anything especially special, but the point is that on solo vocals, this one is a keeper.
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How is this not tier 6? Overtoniscation
In my opinion, vocals are a lot harder than tier 4. Even for someone who knows the song very well, like me, this is really hard to keep up with.
For those who look for difficult songs to sing, don't be fooled by the rating, this one is HARD.
But it's also a heckuva lot of fun!
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What the Heck is a Cyclone Ranger Anyway Karmeleaux
Well, this is punk(esque), so it's fairly fast. However, it's a very atypical bass part for a punk song outside of its speed, the verse rhythm alternates between two measures of G R O and G G R movements, before switching to sustains and straight eighths on a fret like we'd expect. This rhythm is pretty fun, but it might overstay its welcome for many.

The chorus is what is to be expected, for the most part. Straight eighths, a small little fill, and then straight eighths on another fret. The fills are fun and at times the song changes the strumming pattern, so it gets more points than most straight eighth basses.

During the last verse, it switches to a R B O B repeated movement (though it moves a fret lower after four repetitions), which if nothing else is a change.

The bridge starts off with just green sustains, but it eventually begins to move the sustains around and has a short scale or two in there.

Finally, during and after the guitar solo, the chorus rhythm grows slow scale movement in its straight eighths.

Everything's decent fun in the song, but there's nothing outstanding and the speed may be a detriment to many.

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