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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: New Clear Days (1980)

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Discussions (1) >> Discussion by Dog

07.05.11 5:07pm 9 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
CloudWolf - Marquee Moon full album DLC, we need it. Reply
07.05.11 11:24 pm
Dog - Television DLC where you at? Reply
07.05.11 11:22 pm
CloudWolf - The Clash and Television beg to differ. Reply
07.05.11 11:14 pm
Dog - Well, it has keys. Punk songs can't have keys cause that's just not Punk, man! Reply
07.05.11 11:09 pm
CloudWolf - It could be both. It's very fast paced and the vocals certainly have a punk-feel to them. Reply
07.05.11 10:47 pm
Dog - Sounds like a new wave song to me. Reply
07.05.11 10:40 pm
CloudWolf - Sounds like a punk rock song to me Reply
07.05.11 10:13 pm
Dead Player - They are aperantly considered to be a Punk band by some strange music critics. Yeah, I don't see how it is suposed to be Punk either. Reply
07.05.11 8:44 pm
RBAddict666 - Indeed. WTF were Harmonix smoking? Reply
07.05.11 5:57 pm
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