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Released December 4, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: Tutto ่ Possibile (2006)

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Oh Italy m2cks
I picked up this song for a few reasons. One, it was on sale and I was in desperate need for more DLC and this was on sale (the same reason could be said of the Naked Brothers DLC I got). Two, I liked the punk sound of the song and was interested in owning some foreign DLC. Unfortunately, that second reason is also the main reason this song does not get the highest marks from me.

Now, the chart itself was fun enough to sing along with, with the verses melodically aligning itself with the descending chord structure of the song and the chorus soaring to the higher pitches, but hands down the most enjoyable part was the intro, with its DragonForce-esque whoa's. The only kind of worrisome part to the "Expert FC" vocalist would be the buildup to the solo, with a pitched "whooooooaaaa~" that is just one long sustain that rushes from low to high. That part caught me off guard the first time through. Overall, it is a fun, melodic punk song with some good energy.

Unfortunately, while that does sound all good and fun, the crippling part is that I do not know next to anything about Italian. I know this is obvious, but since the band is from Italy, and the song's title is in Italian, one should assume that the lyrics would, no doubt, be in Italian (and, surprise!, they are). After a few playthroughs, I am able to kind of phonetically sound out some of the phrases (particularly the chorus, in which the title is uttered), but given the rapid-fire nature of the lyrics, I am only capable of humming along to much of the verses. Now, I am a vocalist who is sworn to at least attempt to actually sing along to the song whilst I play, and now that sworn oath is the bane of me in this instance. One could only have so much fun humming to a song, so thus I can only give it a "strong" rating.

So, unless you are fluent in Italian or at least are good at phonetically sounding out foreign words, the song will vary in the fun factor for you, vocals-wise.
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