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Released December 23, 2008 for Guitar Hero
Hard Rock Track Pack
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Genre: Hard Rock
Album: Take It to the Limit (2008)

Instrument Rating Difficulty Video
No rating 3 Intensity
No rating 2 Intensity
No rating 4 Intensity
No rating 3 Intensity
Full Band No rating 0 Intensity

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Reviews (0) >> Review by Gordofredito (Guitar) Show:
meh solo Gordofredito
they messed up, the solo was undercharted, this may be one of the only ones I rather in Rock Band 2
03.03.10 10:25am 2 Replies | Reply -6 Relevance
AverageRocker90 - I strongly disagree a lot. Reply
02.21.12 4:39 pm
toymachine - that's interesting because I remember lot's of comments saying the GHWT chart is "overcharted" Reply
04.04.10 9:21 pm
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