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Released April 21, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Progressive
Album: The Immunity Zone (2008)
Author: RhythmAuthors

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Eric4372 - "Hardest F'n Pro Keys Song In The Game. This and Part 2. Ma..." -- Read more
Great, Variated and at times Crazy Drumtrack Dead Player
The ridiciloulsy hard Keys parts of the Andromeda songs have taken all the attention, but if you look past those keyboard solo's you will find a just as awesome drumtrack.

The song is as you can see split up into two parts, but it is in part 1 where most of the really fun stuff is happening.

The song starts off with one of the many unique fills before going into a odd pattern where the foot pedal hits come randomly between the cymbal notes in rather complex ways before it goes over into a more normal "pedal to cymbal/snare hit" rythm after a while. After that the rythm goes into a slow trash beat where the pedal is hit between the hand hits again (with alot of extra kicks here and there) before we get a small break in the chorus before it repeats again.

In the second chorus though it goes into a slow and easy 8th part beat that switches between the hi-hat and blue cymbal alot (think Du Hast's verses). Now this might not sound like alot this far, but remember that there is alot of different and varied fills scattered over the place, and that the song is far from finished:

After the second chorus is finished the song goes into a medley of drum mastery that makes me think of drummers like Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy and Mitch Mitchell: fast tripple hits on the blue cymbal with bass and snare mixed in, insane fills that practically smells like Portnoy, iregullar disco beats and medium fast simplified double bass.

But it isn't over there! Just when you think you are at the last fill, the song goes into one of the hardest drum solo's of all time. This is like if the solo's of Beast and The Harlot and If 6 Was 9 had a bastard child who was a fan of the monster fills in Smooth Criminal. Now if you are enough of a animal to survive this you get a well earned little rest with a relatively slow outro with just a few superfast hi-hat grinds left of any particular challenge.

So all in all, this is a extremely fun track that simply doesn't have a single dull moment. It is nearly 8 minutes long, have a great drum solo and of course a flora of fun and unique fills everywhere. If you are up for the challenge, pick it up along with Chameleon Carnival. It is worth the price.
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The Pinnacle of the Rock Band Network, Pt. 1 Gigakoops
I firmly believe this to be the best song I've bought from the Rock Band Network. It sounds amazing, and it is astonishing on guitar.

The song starts slowly with some chords, then dives right into the action with HOPO patterns that chimney up and down the fretboard. This leads to the first verse, which varies itself so much with it's constant go's and stops. It is well timed and gives a truly satisfying feel when playing.

The first chorus is easy, but still fun, even if it's just listening to the song itself that's the fun part. It does start to build up to the opening riff again.

The second chorus is a bit more involved, with chord progressions and different easier patterns. It then transitions to the bridge, which transfers between constant chimney shoots across the frets and funky freeform jam segments that while easy in theory, may through you off because of the off-timeness.

This builds up to the end of this part, which is a pattern that will take some adjusting to (I still screw up a lot). But once you get the hang of it it's a lot of fun.

I highly, highly recommend you pick up this and part two if you play on guitar. Nevermind the song itself being amazing, the chart is one to behold.
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