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Released December 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Für Usszeschnigge (1981)

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Severely Underrated Song Gigakoops
This song really does deserve more purchases, not just because the song itself is surprisingly awesome, but because it's actually quite fun, given how simple it is.

It starts rather slow, but keeps you busy with a riff that has you going all around the neck at various speeds. There's also a chord section that actually doesn't bore, since it keeps things flowing fluidly and has a bit of variety.

When things pick up it's the same thing, but fast and with a bit more variety. The verses have you moving around the fret board with the occasional G-R-O HOPO pattern. The prechoruses have you moving around the neck strumming different chords with different amounts of notes. The choruses are straight 3-note chords, giving a little of a break.

This song is underrated, and worth picking up if you want some foreign language tracks in your library.
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