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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Buffalo Springfield (1967)

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The protester's protest song m2cks
Ah, yes this song: the song that everyone has heard at one point or another but cannot name it for the life of them. I myself had a "Oh, that song!" moment when it was announced as upcoming DLC and I wanted to take a listen to it before it came out. The song itself comes from an era that almost garunteed musical success and a fond legacy if your band would release an anti-Vietnam protest anthem; this song is one of many. Not to say that the 60's were not one of the most influential musical decades, of course: what I am merely saying is I wonder how this song stands up to its protest-peers.

The answer, Rock Band vocals-wise, is a very strong, very hearty, "meh". While the lyrics can potentially conceal a hidden deeper meaning, the overly simplistic melodies drown out any good vibes for a vocalist. The main verses consist of (mainly) only two notes with a similar pattern that does not offer much deviation: down-up-down. There really is not much detail one can add to that; it is really too simple for there to be much fun. The chorus (The famous "Stop, children, what's that sound?") is a little more daring with three notes instead of two. Though it is a little more engaging than the verses, it only expands to two phrases, rendering it painfully brief.

Though this does sound bleak for the song, the outro of the song contains most of the fun and variation that the vocalist wanted ever since the beginning of the song. The cynical side of me wants to write it off as just a simple, rapid repeat of the chorus, but the idealist part of me wants to advertise it as the highlight of the song for the vocalist. The outro is fast with little space to breathe, and the original singer threw in a few subtle flairs that might actually catch the unaware vocalist off guard. In short, it is the best part of the song, and that alone gets the song my nod of approval. Oh, and there is a sneaky, annoying final phrase that is just about silent in the original song: "Mmhmmhmm, all right". That part is the sole reason why I did not get a sightread FC on an otherwise predictable song.

Overall, no matter how good the song itself is, the fact is that it is lacking in the vocals department. The lack of variety, the repetitive patterns, and its overall shortness of both its phrases and the song itself drain away a lot of the enjoyment the average vocalist would have. I have fought with myself on what to score the song, for although a three would feel most accurate, it feels to me a little too harsh (especially since I do like the song). For now, I think I will go with a 3.5 (which I will round upwards to a four; eh, why not?). If you are a fan of the band and/or the song, you will find some appeal here, but otherwise you can live with yourself if you choose to skip it.
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For What Its Worth.... Madotsuki
This great song has a pretty "meh" drum track to be honest.
For the majority of this song you're sitting over the hi-hat hitting some simple notes with some nice kicks placed underneath that actually make the song a bit more interesting. During the choruses theres some consistent kicks under the hi-hat that start and stop until the song switches to another section.
For the most part, this song is pretty uneventful when it comes to having any real tricks up its sleeve, however its a bit entertaining.
If your mainly a drummer, I would recommend staying away from this track and looking for something a little more challenging, if not more exciting.
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Sustains at first, picks up later on Madotsuki
I didn't have alot of hope for this when I first played the chart, but to my surprise it actually gets pretty interesting. I was expecting alot of sustains, but thankfully it doesn't stay like that forever.

As I said, the song starts out with alot of sustains, mostly Orange and Yellows through the first verse and chorus. But later on, you start playing alot more hammer-ons and pulloffs as the chart starts to mix it up a bit, and eventually it suddenly gets very active with single-notes, HO/POs and sustains.

Overall, the chart does get pretty entertaining and picks up eventually, but its not too amazing and only deserves about a 3/5 for at least getting some movement in with HO/POs at quite a few points. This guitar chart is fun, but really isnt anything too flashy.
Recommended if you like the song.
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