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Released September 25, 2008 for Rock Band
Moving Pictures
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Genre: Prog
Album: Moving Pictures (1981)

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Okay chart, lots of chords, not very diverse Madotsuki
Theres alot of easy chords and single-note progressions that are all pretty manageable throughout.
Its probably the easiest of the songs from Moving Pictures, and its still pretty fun despite this, but its not very diverse and theres not a whole lot of movement between chords, like most Rush songs.
Overall, this song is fun, but theres a alot of stopping and starting, its not very diverse, and altogether it doesn't have a very high replay value for its guitar chart.
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Bass Solo! Counterpoint: Sustains, Some Repetition Karmeleaux
This song opens with bass chords. From there, it goes into a single note rhythm that moves around the fretboard, which is pretty fun. However, with no variation it starts to get old.

Then we meet the prechorus, which involves different movements around the higher part of the fretboard. The bass chord again in the chorus, which is simple but has some scales in it.

The whole deal repeats (with no variations), then you get a BASS SOLO. Unfortunately, this isn't Naked in the Rain or My Generation, and in fact it's fairly unnotable chartwise. From there, the end is very heavily focused on sustains, slowly growing movements that get more complex between them. However, they don't grow as fast as I like, and when they get fun again the song ends (with the bass chords again) soon after.

Another bass I love, but I can see its repetition and the long area of sustains towards the end being unattractive. Couldn't hurt to check it out, though. If nothing else, it's fun to see Rush do a reggae-inspired song.

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