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Released December 17, 2009 for Rock Band
Green Day 02
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Genre: Rock
Album: 21st Century Breakdown (2009)

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Fast punk song with some surprises non_zero
Takes a minute or so to get to the drums, and then it turns into a fast punk song out of nowhere. There's a constant cymbal, the bass beat switches between double hits and skipped hits, and there's semi-frequent short snare rolls. In the middle of the song you do a triple bass with a slow hi-hat/snare rhythm.

Then at the end of the song you get fast snare triplets, every so often leading into a crash cymbal. This part will probably make some people fail since it comes in pretty abruptly and it's pretty fast as well.

If you like speed you'll like this song.
12.14.09 11:04pm 1 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Glooooooooria VIVA LA Glooooooooria Person-Man
Green Days new album is...... Well its not very good, but this song is one of the best on the album and one of the best on RockBand.

The song starts off with a soft piano ballad with the vocals. Me beeing a HUGE fan of Green Day hitting Billie Joe's pitch is not at all a challenge to me, however some beginner vocalist who never heard a Green Day song mite have some trouble and mite drop a few phrases the first time.

Within the song the words "Gloria Viva La Gloria" are higher and longer sustain so be prepared for that. Tho all Green Day songs are great to sing, but this one compared to others is less exciting and less challenging

Not recommended for a warm up song if you are a beginner vocalist, but if you are seasoned vocalist then use this song for that reason.

Song rated 7.5/10
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This is a very fun song on guitar. this is a awesome song overall. Alot of chords. When it first starts off the piano intro comes in with him singing for the first minute. If your like me then your probably gonna sing along with him as well while waiting for the guitar to come in. Anyways at the end of the intro u hear the cymbals and then BAM. Gloooooorrria viva la gloooooooriiiaaaaa. Your hitting chords and stuff and just having a blast lol. Very fun song def. one of my fav. If you dont have this buy it now. its worth it
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