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Released August 14, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: 4 (1981)

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Uneven Dr Sardonicus
This week, two of Foreigner's ballads were released for Rock Band. And since I Wanna Know What Love Is doesn't have guitar, I'm reviewing Waiting for a Girl Like You, which also doesn't have guitar, but has a synth line charted.

After a synth opening charted to keys, the verse pattern starts. The verses are composed of a RBO and RYB chord change, with the occasional red sustain in between, played at a slow pace. This is followed by the alternate versebridge rhythm rhythm, which is played at the same pace, and consists of GRY and RYB chords. So in short, the verses are slow and not that engaging.

This is followed by the chorus, which I feel is the best part of the song to play. It's composed of moderately-paced chord changes, followed by four single notes that go GRYB. This repeats four times a chorus, and it manages to be easy yet enjoyable.

Those two sections alternate twice for about 2/3 of the song, until after the second chorus, where you hit the bridge, which is the hardest part of the song, the reason it's not a tier 1, and the reason I didn't get 100%. You are hit with rapidly alternating YB and YO notes, played in a 1-2 1-2 rhythm. I imagine it could be fun to play when you get it down, but to me it simply feels out of place in the song.

After that happens for about 10 seconds, You reach the final point of the song. Here, you play a RYB chord that hammer-ons into a RBO sustain, followed by that, but with the RBO, now just a chord, pulling off back into a RYB sustain. You repeat that pattern for the last minute of the song. I found this part of the song rather fun, if monotonous.

Overall, the song was rather uneven in quality. The chorus and outro were good simplistic fun, but the verses and bridge were either too simple or out of place. I would say the song was decent to play, but it may not appeal to everyone. If you have RB parties, however, it's a definite.
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