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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Green Day: Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: American Idiot (2004)

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Easy and fun first half, difficult second half Madotsuki
This song is a perfect example of a song that gradually gets better and better as it goes along, and in alot of ways, this is most observable in the guitar chart. This song, if its not obvious already, is a 2-parter, with the first half an easier song, and the second half being absolutely crazy.

Are We the Waiting:
The song starts out pretty simple, mostly a bunch of ascending and descending single-notes with a few short sustains on the descending. The first chorus is some long 3-note chord sustains, and then when the next verse starts, you start playing the ascending and descending pattern again, but with the 3-note chords at the proper times, but without being sustains, but they still ring out.

So you're basically playing 2 guitar parts at once, and this combination of quick 3-note chords and single-note pattern makes this chart very interesting with all the constant movement around the fretboard. These patterns repeat for the rest of this half of the song, until the segway into St. Jimmy.

St. Jimmy:
The second half of this is St. Jimmy, which almost the complete opposite of Are We the Waiting, and the guitar chart is completely different.

The song starts with some extremely fast Green notes and quick 2-note chords until the main progression comes in, where you're only playing about 3 different 2-note chords, excepted they're alt-strummed in some crazy, difficult patterns with some single-notes in-between the switching.

All this fast strumming is really tricky and will likely break your long-earned streak from Are We the Waiting, and the song continues to pull alot of crazy alt-strumming tricks until the end of the song, when you get a break along with the rest of the band, where you mostly play some sustains, easy 2-notes chords, with alot less alt-strumming.

Overall, the first half is alot of fun and has alot of movement after the first chorus, however is still quite easy, while the second half is incredibly difficult yet extremely entertaining with lots of fast alt-strumming, making it one of the most difficult of Green Day's guitar charts.
If you mainly play guitar, this is a very entertaining guitar chart that any guitarist will likely enjoy.
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Easy first half, second half is an absolute blast Madotsuki
This song is one of the most fun drum songs I've ever played in Rock Band, Tre Cool is an amazing drummer, and this is one of the most fantastic drum charts of Green Day's songs.
So, I'll try to be unbiased.

Are We the Waiting:
The first half of this song is Are We the Waiting, in which you're mostly only playing slow flams all over the drum kit, with some kicks here and there and crashes a few times.
This goes on for pretty much this whole half of the song, its incredibly easy and really isn't a whole lot of fun, but its obviously the calm before the storm.

St. Jimmy:
And then St. Jimmy starts.
Theres a few crashes as Are We the Waiting segways into St. Jimmy, and then....oh damn.
You start playing extremely fast inconsistent kicks, at a fast punk rhythm over the hi-hat that is an absolute blast to play.
However, this chart doesn't stay the same, the song changes it up by having you play crashes and fast rolls and all sorts of crazy fills for awhile and at one point you go back to the fast inconsistent kick punk rhythm except over the ride rather than the hi-hat.
The song continues with lots of fun tricks all over the place, often adding in some sneaky crashes and other things, until the song gets quite a bit easier and the song slows down a bit, until the outro where you start playing some extremely quick snare rolls with consistent kicks that may make you fail if you're caught off guard.
You then play some crashes, and the song ends.

Overall, this song is incredibly fun, and its one of the most fun drum charts I've ever played.
You may not like sitting through the simple flam-filled 'Are We the Waiting', but once you get to St. Jimmy, its totally worth the wait.
If you mainly play drums, this is absolutely worth importing, and you will definitely enjoy this fantastic drum chart.
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