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Released May 19, 2011 for Rock Band
Pantera 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Vulgar Display of Power (1992)

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Walk (Rocksmith)
Reviews (3) >> Review by Ospero (Guitar) Show:
The problem with this chart is likely with me. I couldn't for the life of me get the hang of these "chord-green hammer on-chord-green hammer on" sequences. This was bad enough in Thunderstruck, but at least you could anchor green there.

Apart from that issue, though, this is by far the weakest guitar track in the Pantera pack. It's repetitive (that's a given - it's groove metal), it's a bit annoying in some bits, and the out-of-nowhere solo is just that little bit too fast and all-over-the-fretboard for my tastes. This is not really a bad guitar chart, but it's filled with factors that are quite frustrating (for me, anyways).
05.22.11 4:15am 10 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Gigakoops - Sorry this is coming way too late, but some of you guys will have to realize that some people will rate songs negatively due to difficulty. Do I do so? No, but that's because I play on no-fail mode and I can 5-star almost every song I own. But if someone has trouble with a song's chart at any part, they're probably not gonna like it.

That being said, IMO a sudden solo would make me rate a song HIGHER due to me liking difficult things (and I can just play the solo in practice mode).
06.12.12 9:07 pm
Ospero - I heartily dislike Pantera to listen to, so no, your first point certainly is not true. (And it's "too" hard, two "o"s. And "match", not "match to".) As already mentioned, my issue with this one is not its general difficulty, but the absolutely-out-of-nowhere spike at the end. And even if the solo was better, I'd still have rated this at three stars (but maybe given it three lighters in-game) - the song before the solo is one damn thing over and over again, which does not usually make for a fun experience. Reply
06.17.11 3:15 pm
finallife6 - I do not agree with your review ive read it twice and basically all is says is
"I do not like this song on guitar because it does not match to the other Pantera songs and because it is to hard"
06.17.11 1:20 pm
Caleb - I see your point, but really really what can you do? I think this is the best Pantera song in the game because it has the most variety. In my opinion, of course. I never saw 3 stars as "Default" I only see it as a medium, neither bad nor good. Default is zero.

See, this is where opinion comes into play. I don't like grinding away on the guitar, strumming fast and changing chords all the time. This song seemed a nice break from usual pantera. So while you opinion rates it low, mine rates it high. In a case like this, this is where the line becomes blurred.

Dang, I feel like I am arguing politics.
05.23.11 7:30 pm
Ospero - Biased in what way? Not liking the song too much? Fair enough - but my real issue with this one is that it's all over the map difficulty-his wise. I can live with constant difficulty, maybe upped a notch or two in the solo, but here the difference between the first part of the song vs. the solo and outro (goodness, what an annoying part that was before the sustains!) is what broke it for me. And the repetition, I guess.

Apart from that, how is a rating of 3 stars "biased"? Three stars to me indicates a functioning chart, no particular issues that are noteworthy enough to bring it down or up - the default rating. I rated it at 2 lighters in-game, but that's my personal rating - this is how I see the song appeal to others, and compared to the other Pantera songs, Walk is just weaker guitar-wise, GH nostalgia notwithstanding.
05.23.11 6:18 am
Caleb - Yeah, maybe you're right. I guess I just thought he was saying it was awkward. Which would be valid. But after seeing the rating and his review I can say that he was pretty biased. Reply
05.22.11 2:32 pm
Dead Player - Simply because he is, as you said, giving it a low score because it is too hard. Reply
05.22.11 2:18 pm
Caleb - @ the dead player: Why give it -1 relevance? He analyzed the chart, and explained why he found it frustrating. Reply
05.22.11 12:12 pm
Caleb - The song IS a tier five, so I do not know why you are complaining that it is "Too hard." Reply
05.22.11 12:11 pm
Dead Player - It is a tier 5 though, and it should be threated like so. Reply
05.22.11 10:39 am
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