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Released November 19, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Different Light (1986)

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Fallout Phoenix
Another song in Rock Band that has gone number one in the US. Saying Walk Like an Egyptian is popular is an understatement.

How does the song perform as a vocal track? It's great! As expected most of the song has a high pitch which is easy to maintain and only goes to a deeper pitch during the actual line of "Walk Like an Egyptian"

Singing the "Oh whey Ohs" get's surprisingly addictive and will be easy to remember why this song was so huge. As an added bonus the whistling is also charted like it was in "La La Love You".

This is a really fun track which I recommend to any one who throws frequent Rock Band parties as this will be an instant hit or to anyone who enjoys walking like an Egyptian.

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