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Released January 12, 2016 for Rock Band
Disturbed 04
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Asylum (2010)

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Much Ehhh Deon101
First of all this track is way over tiered. The only reason I purchased this song was because it was in the "Nightmare" category , when in reality it needs to take 2 steps back to the Moderate section.

Now that I'm done complaining lets talk about the actual track. The song consists of a slow 16th bouncy HO/PO riff followed by slow 16th note chords. Its completely underwhelming if you never heard the song before and just so shocking that they would consider this "Nightmare".... I'm complaining again, back on track. At the very end is a different HO/PO section that differs from the rest of the track but again.... It just like... blah.

I have to give this song a 2 only because of the way it was tiered. Had is been lower it would have been okay, but this is for a different kind of audience being this close to the Demon Faces. There's nothing wrong with the track, its just boring as hell.
01.14.16 1:40pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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