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Released April 9, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Light From Above (2008)

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Amazing Mogwai
This is what Rock Band DLC is all about.. Or atleast it is to me. I'm not particularly fond of the way the song sounds itself, but that doesn't matter here. This chart is fun! It's almost hard to explain how much fun it really is.

It features a very wide amount of types of gameplay.. I mean.. You will be alt-strumming, playing chords, and playing a good bit of different HOPO sequences.

It's worth it to mention this is a hard song. Well, it will not be terribly hard to combo most parts for the better skilled guitar controller users, but it has its moments where it can pose a challenge to most anybody. I consider myself pretty decent at the game, and I can't really remember the last time I failed a song.. But this one got me. The solos can really do you quick and they're hard to get back on track with once you mess up.

This time, it doesn't matter if you like the sound of the song or not. Even if you hate metal like this.. If you enjoy playing the guitar controller this one is absolutely a must for everybody!
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song is extremely fun on all instuments
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Alluminated Guy
Slayer + Bang Camaro = This Song!
Ok, you have shreading, and you have fun hammer-ons and pull offs all around the song.
Don't be fooled by the idea that the previous Black Tide song was easy, so this will be easy.
This song is hard, this song is fun, this song is a challenge.
3 solos, with solo # 1 and 3 possibly failing you, yet you still want to play more!

Guitarists who like challenges, get ready to fail, yet have some fun!

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