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Released May 27, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: The People or the Gun (2009)
Author: RockGamer

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They never specified which "one" they belonged to... m2cks
I am a die-hard punk fan. I go out of my way sometimes to try to convey to my friends just exactly how punk is "not dead yet, dammit". There are always new and exciting up-and-coming punk bands featured on RBN, and while browsing through the robust Punk section there I discovered a band that I have not listened to in years: Anti-Flag. Though AF have been around since the end of the "Hardcore Punk" era, their newer albums never really caught on with me; their edgy sound became too poppy and studio-refined for my tastes. I was wary when approaching "We Are the One", but after previewing the song, buying it for a steal of 80 MS points, and playing it through, I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised.

Chart-wise, The song has the standard punk patterns, with pitch bounces and "whoa's" that litter the song. The verses are simple, with two pitches making up the majority of the notes. If you were to mess up on the phrases, however, there is a long, sustained "whoa" at the end that will give you the "pie". Again, like my "Turning Japanese" review, I noticed that there are frequent "insurance notes", which are always good for the vocalists going in for sightread.

The choruses are also easy to master because of the generous usage of sustains. The phrases seem to trade off between being mostly low to mostly high, with again more bounces within the pitches. While that is just fine, the clear focal point here is the fast "whoa's" that follow the chorus. They drop down a pitch each at each interval, but there is a minor warning here: one "whoa" does not descend as far as the previous ones, but they look generally the same, so players on sightread should be cautious.

Verse two is for the most part the same as verse one, but there is a subtle change in the pitches that can mess you up if you are not expecting it. In verse two, there were only two notes for the majority of the phrases, but in verse two, there are three. Simply singing two notes instead of the three could potentially end up with you breaking combo, so again take warning.

After another chorus, there is a brief bridge. Most of it is monotone and talky, but there is one tricky phrase that is lower than the others: "We'll breathe with fury!", so beware there.

After a tap section and chorus again, the charismatic "whoa's" extend to the end of the song. Again, there are a few differences between a few of them.

Overall, the song is fast, bouncy, and catchy to sing: all characteristics of a fun-to-sing punk song. It does get a bit repetitive, and there is not much range to the pitches, so thus I cannot give it the highest marks, but it is still fun to play, and for a buck, it does not hurt to give it a try.
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