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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Some Nights (2012)

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*Insert Jeopardy Music Here* Dr Sardonicus
I've decided that I'm going to review as many songs from Blitz as possible. And first up to bat, we have fun. with their biggest hit, We Are Young. Let's get started.

As you've probably noticed, this is not a guitar heavy song. Before I played, all I expected were chords during the chorus. But I was definitely surprised. For the first verse and chorus, all you get are two BO notes in quick succession. After this, you wait until the very end of the fist chorus, where you get a O-po-B. Afterwards, you get a few YO chords, until you finally get an enjoyable pattern over 1 1/2 minutes into the song, with RB chords played repeatedly, with the occasional triplet with the same chord. After this is GY chords mixed with GYB chords, which then moves up to RY, then to a triplet pattern on YB.

After this, you get to the 2nd chorus, which, as I predicted before, is made up of chords. The chords actually manage to be pretty fun, with a decent amount of movement, followed by a pattern of hammer-ons going up the fretboard, until it goes to chords again, the the chorus starts over again. After this chorus, we get the 3rd verse/Janelle Mone guest spot. This part has a lot of single notes mixed with hammer-ons, and I found this part to be the highlight of the guitar part. You then go into the last chorus, where the first half is more of the scattered playing of the last verse, followed by the normal chorus afterwards. Afterwards, there's the quiet ending, with no playing, after which the song ends.

SO how'd I feel about the guitar part? Personally, I feel it was a lot of fun when you were doing something, but with some boring parts and the nearly two minutes of waiting at the start, I feel I have to give this a 3. OK, but not great.
09.01.12 2:22am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Two lousy drums... and a bass drum. PuppetMasterIX
The most important detail about this drum line is that only the snare, the floor tom, and bass drum are used throughout the entire song, meaning just about anyone can play on Pro Drums if they wanted.

That bit of information might initially indicate the characteristics of a bad drum song, but actually, "We Are Young" is surprisingly decent. It's not spectacular by any means, but it's nice while it lasts.

The intro is possibly the strongest part (which seems to be the standard for this song in any context), starting with a simple green tom pattern that transitions into a really cool beat that intersperses the snare in a variety of ways, even incorporating somewhat fast snare rolls into the mix.

The first chorus is the most bland part of the song, with a very simple pattern going with no deviation. This part shows up twice throughout the song and it drags quickly. If it weren't for these parts this chart could have been a four.

The other verses are a variation of the intro, only they are noticeably slower, sacrificing the eclectics of the beginning but not the generally fun vibe.

Overall, even though it's layout is maddeningly simple, and one of the two main patterns drags, it's fairly decent. It's not replayable by any means, but it's a nice distraction.
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Fantastic on pro sageamagoo
Pro keys are great on this song. The piano is prominent and has enough variety to keep it interesting through the whole thing. Not all that difficult, but fun. none the less.
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