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Released February 5, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Introduce Yourself (1987)

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I've seen this song top quite a few "worst DLC ever" lists. Mind you, I'm biased in favor of Faith No More (even the Mosley-era stuff!), but I think this song's actually pretty alright on everything bar drums.

The intro and the verses are pretty simple for the most part. It's a bunch of steady greens with an orange every so often. It's not straight eighth notes, but this is easily the most boring part of the song.

Then it starts getting interesting-- there's a fast GGBO pattern that plays for a few seconds, then we transition to the chorus-- which is actually sort of engaging. There's a bit of movement, and you occasionally mimic the vocal melody.

The second verse mixes it up a bit with some action on the blues and a single bass chord.

Look, I'm not saying this song is a masterpiece and it's not recommended if you're not a fan. But given how shitty low tier bass parts tend to be, this song is actually pretty fun.
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Fallout Phoenix
We Care a Lot falls into the unfortunate category of being a song that's great to listen to but translates horribly into Rock Band, the song is horribly repetitive starting with green strums and then blue and orange hammer ons, then for good measure, you get a trill fairly late into the song, destroying your dreams of sightread FC

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Kind of odd. Throws in some trills every now and then that I have no idea how to hit.

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