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Released January 14, 2010 for Rock Band
Alice In Chains 02
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Facelift (1990)

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Lots of quick chord switching, difficult solo Madotsuki
Alot of this song is tricky 2-note chord switching all over the place with some HO/PO-to-HO/PO-chords at alot of points that are a bit tricky if you can't stretch your fingers quickly.
The choruses are mostly chord sustains, and theres one point where you play some really fast HO/POs that are pretty easy to pull off if you do it smoothly.
The beginning of the solo is pretty difficult, you have to hit a whole lot of quick notes in a quick sliding pattern a few times, but the difficult part of this is is that theres 2 notes extremely close to each other where there would usually just be the one in this sliding pattern, making this solo pretty tricky at first. The rest of the solo isn't as difficult thankfully. Theres some HO/POs, but nothing else out of the ordinary.
Overall, this song is incredibly fun on guitar unlike most Alice in Chains songs, and if you're mainly a guitar player, you will likely enjoy this.
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Good song Caleb
Alice and Chains have never really had great songs for guitar. Sure, Cantrell is a good guitarist, but these songs don't usually translate well for plastic guitarists.

This song is a good example. It's got a good main riff, but that's all you play outside of the solo. The solo, is basically a really fast strum part like in "Bat Country's" solo.

The song is so short though, so it's really not that hard. I only recommend if you like the song, or the band.
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