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Released February 18, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Nothing Personal (2009)

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Definitely the best song this week. The first thing that I have to say is that the song has a lot of variety! The beat changes many times throughout the song, and makes the whole song a blast to play!

The beat starts off with that "Holiday In Cambodia" type of beat, where you are constantly alternating between pads and pedal. It seems awkward when you first start playing it, but it becomes really fun.

The beat then changes to a slower beat of double bass/crash cymbal/snare drum. The drummer keeps throwing in "mini-fills" where he will change what he is doing for a few notes, and it feels awesome. Then the song goes into a break with bass/green without the snare.

The next verse is a constant beat on the hi-hat and snare. It may sound boring, but the snare and bass pedals are thrown in at different places and there are hi-hat rolls every now and then.

The beat then changes again to a pattern of double bass/hi-hat followed by both the hi-hat and snare. It's only like this for about 20 seconds though, as it soon goes back to the green/bass/snare pattern for the second chorus. It continues this beat for a little bit, adding in the "mini-fills", some more bass, and some rolls. The song then turns to about 10 seconds on alternating between pads and pedal before coming to the break.

...then cymbal roll and BAM! Back to the chorus beat again, with fills, rolls and all! It pretty much keeps this beat for the remainder of the song.

The song isn't fast or overly complicated, but it sure as hell is fun! It has more than enough variety to keep you interested. If you were to pick up only one song this week, I would definitely recommend this for the drummers.
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5/5 ordealbyfire
This has to be one of my all-time favorite songs to play on drums - there is nothing about this song that I don't like. Unique, and a blast to play - more All Time Low in Rock Band, please. I don't expect the drums charts to top this one, but damn. Helluva lot of fun to play, to be certain.
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