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Released October 30, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Carnavas (2006)

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Well Thought Out Twinkles (Guitar Hero)
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Unique Parts Driven to Become Average Karmeleaux
Another Silversun bass that takes unique rhythms and drives them into the ground.

But this one is a bit better about it. The intro riff is of a decent length, then it goes into a verse rhythm. It's straight eights, but it has some very small variations in there that go a distance in keeping it from being mindnumbing. Later repetitions also add bass chords. However, it doesn't look like this song has a chorus, or at least one structured differently.

The only other rhythm is the bridge, which is a variation of the intro riff. It's different enough to breathe new life into it, but it wears itself out by the end.

Ultimately, the rhythms are decent fun but used a bit too much for it to justifiable to most unfamiliar consumers. However, I can see fans of the song enjoying the chart, so there you are.

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Quite entertaining for the most part Madotsuki
I wasn't quite sure if the guitar chart was going to be that great when I first bought this, but it ended being much better than I had expected it to be.
The intro riff (that also appears after the chorus and at the end) consists of a number of hammer-ons/pull-offs, among other things, and you will traveling all around the fretboard playing this fun and enjoyable riff a couple of times until the chorus.
The chorus, now, is quite a bit different, you're mostly strumming a bunch of chords that are fairly easy, and since the choruses take up a large amount of the song, you're doing this quite often.
The interlude is quite a bit different, however, and you will be playing some chords mixed with a quick green pull-off after each chord as the chords continue to change around the fretboard.
The solo is similar to Lazy Eye's solo (however its much shorter and easier), it mostly consists of quickly alt-strummed single notes with some hammer-ons/pull-offs here and there, and it ends with some incredibly fast green notes that must be alt-strummed very quickly in order to be hit successfully.
Overall this song isn't too difficult, and its pretty damn fun. I think this is a great guitar song, and I would definitely recommend it for people who mainly play guitar.
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Fallout Phoenix
It's hard to tier a song in the first one and say it can dismissed to be too easy, A majority of them end up there because they're monotone or because it's a talkie heavy song, Well Thought Out Twinkles fits neither category.

Unlike Lazy Eye, Well Thought Out Twinkles is a more enjoyable experience on vocals. You're doing more throughout it. The pitch changes are simplistic, yet fun. I loved singing this song it's just incredible

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