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Released July 9, 2009 for Rock Band
Mayhem Tour 2009
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Genre: Metal
Album: Nocturnal (2007)

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This song is definitely only made for pros, at least on drums. The guitar isn't too hard unless you suck at triplets, and the solo isn't even that bad. So I read a lot of complaints on songs that are nearly impossible on drums, and clearly it's because the person that hates it tries it once, fails, and bitches about it wherever they can. This song takes a lot of practice and patience to master. I've come close to five stars on drums, but haven't actually done it yet.
Oh, it's got a catchy chorus too. It'll get stuck in your head (the instrument patterns, not the lyrics).
06.21.10 5:39am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Before you play this, make sure your calibration is as perfect as you can get it. Before I tuned my calibration, I'd miss every note in the blasts, but after messing around with it for a while, I can hit almost all of it.

Anyways, expect a very tiring song that requires a fast left hand and consistent speed. There's a very long blast section in the middle of the song that will test your endurance, as well. If you can work up the stamina to get through this thing, it's very fun, if not a little repetitive.
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The Other Song Tied For Most Played Gigakoops
This is actually one of my most played songs by choice, and that's because this chart is like crack. Play it once you're hooked.

We start out with a mix of galloping triplets and chords, which sticks around through the verses of the song. Then we transfer to the easy part, the HOPO segments. These are similar to the intro of TtFaF, but much slower, and yet more diverse since it switches between different root notes and different higher notes at the same time.

The chorus has streams of fast strumming coupled with more galloping triplets. Then we let lose the solo, which is easily the highlight, and one of the most fun solos in my personal library. It has all sorts of different HOPO patterns of varying speeds, switching from somewhat restrained to complete madness.

After the solo comes the part that personally stumps me the most (if at all), which has HOPO chords and even more galloping triplets. The rest of the song is essentially the chorus again with more triplets and chords.

This is one of my favorite charts to play, and if you can master these riffs, it will never get boring. Definitely an amazing chart, and I highly recommend it.
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This song is fun... Rimex
... if you're good with triplets. :) I swear I'm so close to getting gold stars! This song is so fun to play on guitar, and while I'm not a big fan of black metal, I must say this song overall is amazing and nice to listen to. The solo's very fun too; nothing too hard about that.
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its insane although atm guns of summer imo is the hardest recommend for challenge but not for fun

fun: 3/10
difficulty: tier 7
05.15.10 2:53am 2 Replies | Reply -4 Relevance
This song will bend you over with no lube on Expert Drums
04.07.10 10:09am 0 Replies | Reply -4 Relevance
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