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Released October 30, 2012 for Rock Band
Sublime 01
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Genre: Reggae/Ska
Album: Sublime (1996)

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What I Got (Rocksmith)
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A chilled what I got! Poinkish
"What I Got" is separated into two different parts on Bass. The first half consisting of a laid back riff that descends down the neck from green all the way up to a 3 note hammer-on that plays after descending down to yellow. It's pretty nice to groove out too whilst listening to the song. I was stood up swaying around and dancing while playing and didn't break a combo!

The second half consists of some pretty fun 3 note hammer-on snakes that move from green to blue and orange and back. It's a good counter-part to the relaxing intro riff and keeps you on your feet a bit more too.

Overall, a simple but fun Bass riff that matches the laid-back nature of the song. Recommended!
10.30.12 2:44pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
A Muthafockin' Riot! Poinkish
"What I Got" easily ranks up there with songs like "Overkill", "I Ran So Far Away", "Still Of The Night", and "I Died In Your Arms" as one of my favourite Guitar charts of the year.

It's a fantastic mix of steady chords, hammer-ons, and chord hammer-ons that constantly switch-up and change around in pattern, ensuring that no two parts of the song ever feels exactly the same to play. There's even a kick-ass solo halfway through that's brief, but it's great fun and chock full of hammer-on snaking, and carries the rest of the songs philosophy of variety.

For such a short song it's amazing fun throughout, Guitarist's definitely get bang for their buck here. One of the must own songs of 2012 for any Guitar player.
10.30.12 2:40pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Sadly, the weakest link of the song. Poinkish
Tier 1, not much to look at here. You'll mainly be playing brief two note sustains here with some sizable gaps throughout. Towards the end there's a bit more variety with some 3 note sustains but to be honest, it doesn't stop the song from being anything other than unexceptional on keys. Not for dedicated keys players, unless you love the song, like I do.
10.30.12 3:17pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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