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Released January 11, 2011 for Rock Band
Linkin Park 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Minutes to Midnight (2007)

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Gosh, what a surprise this was! The Pro Keys chart is absolutely good, it's a bit repetitive, ok, but in a good way as the piece you're playing makes you move your fingers a lot. Your hand is always in place, no weird changes: for a warmup song is perfect, without being boring as half of the other Tier 0 songs on Keys.
01.12.11 1:02pm 4 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
RB Triumphs over GH again (surprise surprise) Jacobtheboffin
The second this chart starts it is completely different to the GHWT chart, with instead of the 1/4 yellow, you get a 1/8 beat that goes R Y R Y R Y R Y

This quickly ends and again differs from the GH chart, in that every 1/16 there is a note, instead of every 1/8

This means this song is actually a fairly interesting song to play, unlike the GH version. The rest of the song is fairly identical to the other version, but there is a lot more movement.

Overall, this song is not only better than the GH version, but better than a lot of the 3 star drum songs out there. If you are a fan of the song, and played it in GH, you will enjoy the song even more, and those looking looking for surprising 3 star charts, will find 1 in this song too
01.11.11 7:32pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Noobgasm Dead Player
Now this is another one of those "starting on Expert" songs that is very fun for the noobs but not so much for the pro's.

On the other hand, this actually have gameplay besides sustains, sustains and sustains. Basically, you only play chord filled choruses, wait trough the piano filled verses and play more choruses, with a small and simplistic solo thrown in into the middle.

It is basically pretty medicore, but for the newest players it could be a blast, as it is very easy to both learn and play, while still having some finger stretching.
01.13.11 8:18pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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