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Released March 8, 2016 for Rock Band
One Direction 01
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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Up All Night (2011)

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Give Credit Where It's Due Bront
Look, I get it, One Direction is hardly what most people think of when they think of Rock Band. But that doesn't stop the song from being fun.

The song is chord heavy, and not particularly fast most of the time, but there's a lot of movement, so you're shifting chords quite a bit. The Chorus has a section that also includes a single note scale up and down. Nothing challenging, but there are some variations though each verse and each chorus, so the song doesn't get repetitive either.

I found it fun and accessable. New guitar players or budding expert players should be able to do well, while top tier experts won't be bored by repetition. It's not the best chart ever, but it's strong, fun, and has the makings of a decent low level chart. I wouldn't buy it just for the chart, but it's a fun chart with many positive merits.

It's also a great party song. Should be fun on Harmonies, and the drums sounded somewhat interesting, and it's clearly well known, so I'm sure there's at least someone at your party who'd love to give this song a try, and I recommend it as a good party song pickup.
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