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Released November 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Foo Fighters 03
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Greatest Hits (2009)

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One of my all-time faves seanzivonawsm0
Hadn't heard of this song until I saw it as DLC, and it was part of a FF pack that looked good so I figured, hey, why not.

Boy was I glad I bought it. This is one of the few incredibly fun-to-play songs for guitar that does not require a high level of skill to appreciate.

The verses consist of a few fairly easy (but not too slow/boring) hammer-on sequences. They are the best part of the song, very fun to play and although the same general sequence repeats throughout the verse, there are enough changeups to keep it interesting.

The short chorus is a few chords with quick strums in between, and mostly exists to give your fingers a quick break from the hammer-ons. The solos are also pretty easy, single note tunes with a few sustains, generally pretty easy to FC.

So, nothing here to test your skill, but a nice sounding, very fun song that's great for intermediate players. Recommended for anyone who primarily plays guitar.
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