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Released August 11, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Surrealistic Pillow (1967)

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Nothing too special Madotsuki
This song is pretty basic on drums throughout.
You're mostly playing on the snare doing some quick rolls with some kicks placed in until the bridge.
During the bridge you will start playing a basic drum beat, until you go back to the snare rolls that continue until the outro, in which you will be playing another simple pattern.
Overall, the rolls are tricky at first as they're pretty quick (and they always seem to break my streak), but once you get used to them you shouldn't have a problem. The fact you have to hit both the snare and yellow tom on the flams is a bit annoying, which takes some of the fun out of the song.
If you like this song, its fun to play with a full band, but besides that, you best look somewhere else if your mainly a drummer.
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Entertaining, fast quadruplets, short, but quite fun Madotsuki
The bass to this classic song is iconic and greatly memorable, and thankfully, the bass chart does not disappoint, and is charted incredibly well.
You're often playing a few Blues then a quick quadruplet of Reds, then some more Blues and often some HO/POs between the two, then often repeating a similar progression but with Orange and Yellow.
The quadruplets are hell of alot of fun on bass, and are one of the highlights of the song.
The other sections of the song have you moving all over the fretboard while consistently strumming notes with some sustains here and there.
Overall, this song is very enjoyable, its pretty short too, so its a fun little song to play on bass when you don't feel like playing too long of a chart.
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Easy solo, some fast triplets and quadruplets, chords Madotsuki
The main focus of this song is the bass and vocals, but thankfully, the guitar chart is extremely entertaining, and contains some elements of the bass chart.

The song starts with bass, and the guitar chart begins immediately with an easy guitar solo, that mostly consists of sustains, single-notes, and a few quick HO/POs, but nothing too difficult.

For alot of the rest of the song you play alot of 2-note and 3-note chords, sometimes theres some slightly fast strumming, and quite often theres some quick single-note triplets that may need to be alt-strummed. At times, there are some extremely fast single-note quadruplets that definitely must be alt-strummed, and as the song continues on, there starts to be more and more of these quadruplets.

Overall, this song can be a bit difficult if you don't like quick alt-strums, but nevertheless, the triplets and quadruplets are alot of fun, and the jumpy 3-note chords are pretty entertaining as well. Recommended if you like the song.
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