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Released October 29, 2009 for Rock Band
Wolfmother 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Wolfmother (2005)

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A Lot of Promise, A Lot of Waste Karmeleaux
The intro rhythm is straight eighths on yellow with a quarter note sustain on red every other measure. This is not an enjoyable rhythm, and it goes on for far too long.

From there, you enter the chorus rhythm, which is a standard enjoyable chorus affair. Later choruses add chords to keep it from getting stale as quick.

The song really starts to pick up around the breakdown. There's all sorts of fairly fun scales in here. But at the same time, part of the breakdown focuses on a long series of yellow sustains, and it ends with doublestrumming yellow-blue chords. Those two parts null any previous enjoyment I got out of the breakdown, and to me the song comes out to an even 'mediocre' after that.

There are stronger Wolfmother songs on bass, I'd probably say pass unless you're a fan.

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