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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Who Are You (1978)

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Who Are You (Rocksmith)
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Like the Green and Blue Frets? Of Course You Do. Karmeleaux
This song starts out with some slow bass scales, and maybe you think it's going to be like that throughout.

But from there you quickly get to the chorus rhythm. Which is green hammer-on to blue, followed by a green followed by blue. Repeat a lot.

This song actually gets some points for the verse rhythm, which, among other things, scales from blue to green then green to yellow. It's pretty fun, and if this were the rhythm you played most often, this song might be a three star.

But it's not. You're in the chorus for the most part. And if you're not, you're in the solo with no bass, or the bridge after the solo with goes from a different green and blue rhythm to playing nothing again. Whee.

You come back into another chorus rhythm, and towards the very end you're playing straight eighths on one fret before moving to another, which isn't a remarkable rhythm but you'll be taking anything you can get by that point.

The song is great, but the fun rhythm isn't used enough and the rhythm that isn't fun is used WAY too much. Not worth it for the bass part alone.

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