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Released June 4, 2009 for Rock Band
Bonnaroo 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: A Live One (1995)

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Everything you'd expect from a jam band bass. Karmeleaux
Mm...I'll say this is a weak five-star. It's got some pauses in there and doesn't have the strongest punch overall, but it's got enough scales and movement that I'll let it slide.

In more detail, there's a section where you play two green notes, pause, then repeat. But it's never excessively long, and later repetitions have a little more bass thrown in themselves.

Furthermore, the other rhythms of this song are a blast. This song isn't particularly fast, but it moves around a decent speed and has tons of HO/POs littered throughout, with longer and longer chains popping up every now and then as the end approaches.

I'm finding it hard to describe in more detail beyond that, and that's part of the reason it's getting five stars, is that it's got so much in there that I can't do it justice. As I said earlier, there is some downtime, but coupled with the rest of the chart it should be minor enough for anyone with an iota of patience.

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